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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Joi Books.

How many AIs do you use?

We use three AIs


Why do you use three AIs?

Each AI excels at different artistic styles. It also allows us to compare outputs and pick the one closest to your description.

What information do I need to give you?

Describe the image you want for your cover, including the format (photographic, illustration, etc.).

How do you refine my description?
  1. We may adjust your description for clarity and set parameters for the AIs in some cases. Other times, we choose the style or use numbers and punctuation to emphasize important details.
How long is turnaround time?

We will finish your cover in less than a week. Paperbacks two weeks. Formatting is completed within two weeks or less. And websites are completed within thirty days.

Can the AIs genrate my desired image?

The first attempt is rarely perfect. We work iteratively, refining the prompt and potentially using negative prompts to steer the AI in the right direction.

What role do you play in the process?

We act as designers, providing instructions and combining AI outputs. We leverage AI’s capabilities while retaining creative control.







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