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What We Do

Stunning Custom Book Covers

Turn your ideas into stunning book covers with our collaborative creative process. Simply tell us your vision and our talented artists will guide AI technology to generate hand-drawn or professionally photographed quality artwork for your cover. You can also determine what font and color is used on your cover and where you name is placed on the cover. Get professional-quality results at a fraction of the cost (more information below).

Formatting and Interior Design

Complement your stunning cover with our professional interior design service. Using cutting-edge layout tools, we ensure your book’s interior is as visually captivating and reader-friendly as the outside. Choose from our extensive font library or provide a reference for a custom look. We handle everything from title and author placement to table of contents and chapter formatting, delivering a polished and cohesive final product ( see more info below).

Craft Your Author Platform with a Website Designed For You

In today’s digital world, a professional author website is essential for showcasing your work and connecting with readers. We offer a choice of over 500 templates that are customized to your specifications, or we can construct your website from scratch. Either way, we create custom websites tailored to your unique brand and genre (see more info at the bottom of the page).

How Do We Create Your Book's Cover?

Tell Us Your Vision

  • Fill out a questionnaire: We’ll ask you about your cover’s style, imagery, and desired mood through a quick and easy questionnaire under our “Requirements” tab.
  • Or, provide a description: If you prefer, describe your ideal cover with details or a general concept.

We Handle the Details

  • Choose your visuals: Select from two settings or characters for your cover, or use high-quality stock images from depositphotos.com.
  • Fonts & Colors: Have a specific font in mind? Share it with us, or send a sample and we’ll find a close match. The same goes for colors – just send a reference image (unless it’s black or white). You can also look over our Special Effects Font Gallery under the “Galleries” tab. 
  • Unlimited Revisions: We’ll keep refining your cover until you’re happy. During revisions, our logo will be included as a watermark. Once you approve the final design, the logo is removed. Click above for the “Book Cover Gallery” and then click the “Shop” tab.

3 Free Powerful Mockups for Social Media and Your Author Website

Ditch the tired, old paperback stack photos. Our mockups are a fresh and creative way to showcase your book.

We offer a variety of options:

  • Solo Spotlight: A stunning image of your book, paperback for paperbacks and eBook for digital versions.
  • Reader in Action: Capture the essence of your story with someone holding or engrossed in your book.
  • Meme Magic: Generate buzz with a playful meme featuring your book cover.

Get exactly what you need:

By default, you’ll receive one mockup from each category. But you can choose specific types or request a custom mockup – just let us know!

Explore the Possibilities:

For examples, check out our “Mockup Gallery”  tab.

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– Kason Espinosa –

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– Angela Charlton –

Formatting and Interior Design

Grab Readers with a Great Interior Design

Imagine a reader browsing Amazon, overwhelmed by countless book covers. Like most readers, they don’t have a specific book in mind. Suddenly, your cover catches their eye! Intrigued, they read the description, wanting more. They click for a sample. What will they see on that first page?

Here’s where interior design comes in. We understand you, the independent author, have the power to shape that first impression. We’d love to help you craft a beautiful, professional interior for your book.

Find Inspiration:

  • Grab your favorite books! How are they formatted? Send us a copy of the first few pages from a book with an interior you love, and we’ll use that as a guide. Or you can design your own with our guiidance and font library.

The Technical Side:

  • All we need from you is your desired font and trim size (book size, like 5×8 or 6×9). Even ebooks use trim size! It affects the listed page count.
  • Our experienced author uses 6×9 for his 80,000-word books. Shorter books (around 50,000 words) benefit from a 5×8 size. The style can be  determined on the “Formatting and interior design requirements” page. (Under the “Reqauirements ” tab.

Every detail matters. Let’s create an interior that captivates your readers and keeps them turning the pages! Get started today, click “Shop” above.


Author’s Website Building

So, your reader finished your book and is eager for more! They want to know about you, your other works, and what’s next. Your website is the perfect place to nurture this connection.

Stay Connected with Readers:

  • Share exclusive content: Offer readers a glimpse into your writing process with excerpts, updates on your current project, or even roadblocks you encounter (transparency builds trust!).
  • Build your email list: Capture reader interest with a pop-up that clearly explains the value proposition. No spam here! Emails will be reserved for exciting news, like new book releases or personal appearances.
  • Exclusive short stories: This premium service allows you to offer unique content, further engaging your audience. Consider collaborating with other authors for even more variety!

Crafting Your Website:

We take care of the technical setup. Here’s what you get:

  • WordPress & Divi Theme: A user-friendly platform with a premium theme included, giving your site a beautiful foundation.
  • Layout Selection: Choose from over 500 pre-designed layouts that suit your style. Everything is customizable!
  • Content is King: Tell us your vision! We’ll create an extended homepage tailored to your needs. Think bios, bibliographies, or anything that showcases your work effectively. You can have up to four sections (for example, a hero section followed by a bio, portfolio, and a blog).
  • Freebies Included: We’ll add a Contact the Author page for free, ensuring a well-rounded website.
  • Content Writing Help: Struggling for words? No problem! Briefly outline your desired content (bullet points if you’d like), and our AI writing service will craft compelling text that we’ll edit to suit your writing and website.

Invest in Your Future:

Our delux website package starts at an amazing $249, offering exceptional value. Remember, your website is a cornerstone for building a loyal fanbase – readers who become advocates, spreading the word about your work and eagerly awaiting your next release.

This is your chance to connect with readers on a deeper level. Let’s create a website that reflects your passion and ignites reader enthusiasm! Click “Shop” above to get started.  Custom websites are also available, just send us a note using the “Contact Us” form telling us what you want and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

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